Feedback About Baby Massage and Massage in Schools

Over the years we’ve received some great feedback about our Baby Massage training  from teachers, parents, children and childcare professionals.

Here are a few of the wonderful comments we’ve received…

What People Are Saying About Baby Massage Training:

“An amazing four days! The trainer is an expert on positive feedback, never criticises but uses methods to inspire students”.

Family Support Worker, Wales

“The course exceeded my expectations. I feel thoroughly prepared to facilitate and lead infant massage classes and have been empowered and inspired to do so! A fantastic trainer!”

Complementary Practitioner, Edinburgh, Scotland

“I have been totally inspired by the infant massage course. I hope to continue in my journey, by empowering families to listen to their baby’s cues and enjoy the experience and feelings that the connection through this simple technique can have”.

London Outreach Worker

What People Are Saying About the Benefits of Baby Massage:

“A significantly greater proportion of mothers who attended baby massage classes showed a clinical reduction in their scores on the depression questionnaire.” (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale)

Sir Richard Bowlby, University College London

“I personally feel that the IAIM infant massage classes should be offered as a routine part of the postnatal process – they should be available to every mum as standard.”

Linda Pollock, Midwife

A Parent

“I learned how to massage my son as a baby and loved how we could re-connect each day. I was working part time and this was our moment each day to say hello and have special time together. As he became a toddler the opportunities were fewer and fewer. However when he started school, a stressful process for both of us, I learned how to do the Massage in Schools Routine. Now we have 15 minutes each night where we both give and receive a massage to each other and it is wonderful. At four he tells me what he has been doing at school – when I touch his back he opens up and tells me everything. It is also our time for giggles and we finish with a hug!”

Sarah, mother of a 4 year-old boy.

If you’d like to discover how to bring the benefits of baby massage , contact us today for a friendly, informal chat with our lead Trainer Kate.