Meet Your Baby Massage Trainers

If you’re considering joining our baby massage training course, read on to find out more about our trainers.

Kate Pigeon-Owen

Kate Pigeon-Owen is a working mother of two and founder of Childways Ltd. Childways’ mission is to provide training and workshops to promote nurturing touch and improve communication between individuals.

Kate is an Instructor and Trainer for the International Association of Infant Massage. She trained to be an instructor with the MISP in 2002, and became a MISP Trainer in 2005.

Kate was also a founder member of a small independent charity community school in Suffolk, where nurturing touch was woven into the fabric of the whole school. The associated Parent and Toddler groups provided baby massage classes and the Kindergarten and Lower School had the MISP as part of the curriculum.

Kate believes passionately in the power of nurturing touch and is striving to promote the benefits of touch for all families including ensuring that MISP is part of the daily curriculum in our primary schools.

Gail Bovenizer

Gail Bovenizer is a mother of school-aged twin girls and has been running a company called Harmony Yoga Ireland since 2003. Harmony Yoga Ireland specialises in classes and teacher training for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Gail has been working in the Holistic field for 9 years and has qualifications in Pregnancy Massage & Pregnancy Yoga, Infant Massage & Baby Yoga, YogaKids and Massage in Schools.

After completing her training as a Massage in Schools Instructor, Gail took the programme to schools in Ireland and is pioneering the programme in Ireland, hoping to get it into as many schools as possible in the coming years. Since becoming a Massage in Schools Trainer, Gail has taught in both England and Ireland. Gail is also an Instructor and Trainer with the International Association of Infant Massage.

Gail is working hard to educate the people of Ireland about the benefits of Positive Touch not only for children but for everyone!

Ewa Westman

Ewa Westman is an IAIM International Trainer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been working with infant massage since 1988, when she was trained as an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor, which is the year when the IAIM Infant Massage Programme was introduced in Sweden.

This is also the year when her son was born. Consequently, she has massaged him since birth. Still today, 24 years later, he gives and receives massages from time to time.

“Having had this wonderful opportunity as a parent, has taught me so much in my role as an IAIM Trainer, as well as the numerous parents and babies that I have met over the years in my parent courses where I have had the opportunity to pass on this wonderful art of loving, nurturing touch.”

In 1998, Ewa became an IAIM International Trainer. Since then she has passed on the IAIM Programme, except in Sweden and other countries in Europe, to other continents in the world. As a Senior Trainer and Trainer Consultant she has supported the training of new IAIM Trainers.

She has trained IAIM Instructors in the UK on a regular basis since 2004. She has also been a member of the IAIM International Board, Legal Committee, Committee for Trainer Candidates, and Committee for Continuing Education.

She has trained IAIM infant massage instructors with professional backgrounds such as nurses, early childhood educators, paediatricians, psychologists, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, etc.

If you have any questions about joining our Baby Massage Course, contact us today to speak with lead trainer Kate.

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