Baby Massage FAQs

Where are the Trainings Held?

We hold trainings throughout the UK.  If there is not one currently listed in your area please do contact us, as it may be that we can organise a training for you.  Take a look at our current baby massage training dates and locations.



How Much do the Trainings Cost?

The 4-day training course costs between £545 – 595 (+ VAT if applicable), depending on location. For exact costs and availability please click here.



What do I Need to Do to Qualify Besides the 4-day Training?


You will need to complete a take-home assignment containing  short-answer questions, and multiple choice questions. You are also required to teach the 5 week IAIM Course to 5 parents with their babies, either individually or in a group.  We’re here to help and guide you through this process all the way.


Do I have to Attend the Entire 4-day Training?

Yes – you do need to attend all 4 days as different elements are covered each day.


Can I train Online?

We prefer to hold trainings face to face but worked hard to adapt to presenting these virtually during lockdown. As soon as we were able we returned to Face to Face trainings.

The IAIM training programme has many practical elements and uses nurturing touch, which we promote in our trainings and can be challenging to convey virtually. An essential part of the course is to observe a parent, and then start to teach the class in a supervised capacity. The IAIM training is unique in that it asks you to train and work with real parents and babies


How Long do I Have to Complete my Homework?

You have 4 months to complete your assignment and 5-week parent course.  However extensions are possible if you negotiate this with your trainer up to a maximum of 12 months after your 4 day training.


How Soon After the Training Will I Become a Member of the IAIM?

Once you have completed the four-day training you become a member of the IAIM UK Chapter. You will receive a membership number and given access to the website and its useful forums and the latest research.  You will also receive a copy of the Touch Matters magazine three times a year, and have access to stroke reviews, study days and AGMs.


Can I Send Coursework to My Trainer Via Email?

We prefer a hard copy please.


Where Can I Work Once I Have Qualified?

You can work anywhere in the world where you would find parents and babies! Your qualification is recognised internationally.   Please see for a list of the countries in which the IAIM has a presence.

Many of our instructors work independently from home or elsewhere within the community.  We also have many Certified Infant Instructors who work in Children’s Centres which have recognised the value of our programme for many years.


Do I Need to Obtain a DBS Check/Disclosure to Run Baby Massage Courses?

You don’t need to obtain a DBS check if you are running private courses.  Some employers however may require them and will request them on your behalf or you may apply for one.


Do I Need To Be Insured and Where Can I Get Insurance?

We recommend that all practicing CIMIs are insured.  The following companies provide insurance policies which will cover Infant Massage.

  • Balens Insurance –
  • Complementary Therapists Association –
  • Independent Professional Therapists International – (Discount for IAIM members)

We do not endorse any particular company and recommend you do your own research to work out which company best suits you.


When is my Membership Due?

After your training you will become a Member of the IAIM for one year. Initially you will be a Student Member and this will be upgraded to Full Membership once you have notified the IAIM office that you have received your certificate.  At the end of the year you will be sent a letter reminding you that your fees will be due.


Do I Have to Renew my Membership?

Ongoing membership is required if you wish to continue to teach under the IAIM banner and benefit from our educational study days, massage stroke refresher opportunities, Touch Matters magazine and our fantastic parent-focussed website. The title CIMI and the IAIM logo are trademarks of the IAIM and therefore can only be used by fully paid-up members.


My Membership has Expired …. Can I Rejoin the IAIM?

Yes, you can rejoin at any time.  Just contact the Office on and they will be able to give you the relevant information for rejoining.


Can My Employer Become a Member of IAIM Instead of Me?

Yes, your employer can become an Affiliated member of the IAIM.  For further details please contact the IAIM office on


Still have questions?

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