Here’s a lovely message we received from one of our visiting mums on our recent Letchworth training.  So glad you enjoyed being part of the course – and felt a real connection to the group!

“Since March I have been shielding due to my husband having cancer and I have only left the house for midwife and hospital appointments. Although my husband is back to work and wearing a mask we are still isolating to protect our family. I would like to thank Kate for mentioning to my sister Faye if she knew anyone who would like to come to the class due to a cancellation, because with a new born during these times it has been difficult, especially with my circumstances.

I’ve looked forward to coming to these classes, not only to have that better bond between Lexi and myself but just to get out and have a bit of normality for once. All the girls, including Kate, are amazing and made me feel so welcome and I’m sad the classes have come to an end.

It was my first time to experience Lexi crying with other people other than my husband today, so it was very tense but I know there will be many more first experiences that will happen and I’ll be thinking about what you girls have said when they do.

Thank you again, it was lovely to meet you all and also to be taught by one of the best, Kate. Good luck with the rest of your course girls, and stay safe.

Love Erin & Lexi”


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