Having recently completed our new Boost You! online six-week course we are delighted to announce the date of the next one starting  on the 17th October.

Our aim is show you how to boost your immune system, and includes guiding you through the ‘ketogenic’ lifestyle – an increasingly popular eating plan you may have read about recently. This is a successful and different approach to that of our standard ‘low fat’ diets and produces surprisingly positive results in weight loss, improved health, energy and increased cognitive function.  We explain why you’ll have no hunger or cravings and why it works!

My colleague Sarah is now a qualified ‘keto coach’ and between us we have effortlessly lost 4.5 stone – the scales speak for themselves!

The course also embraces a holistic approach to the way we lead our lives, especially in these difficult times, and each week we look at ways we can simply address matters such as stress, sleep, exercise and mental clarify.

This ladies only course is held online in webinar form – with weekly 1-2-1 support – in a safe and supportive environment.

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