Love it, like or loathe it most of us across the UK are in the midst of a heatwave and it really is a bit of a ‘scorcher’!   Here are a few tips to keep your cool

Before you leave the house pull down blinds and draw curtains – this will keep the house cool.  Draw them open at 6 p.m. and open up all your windows.  Upstairs will be hotter than downstairs so consider sleeping on the ground level.  At night using a fan will help but placing it in front of an open window  will draw in cooler air from outside.

If you feel unusually tired it is because you are dehydrated!  Ease up on the exercise and use the cooler early mornings and evenings to go for your run/to the gym/walking and reschedule your housework.  Heatstroke is very real and the damage can be severe and long-lasting.

A cool shower will keep you cool for a couple of hours.  Even a cool towel on the back of your neck will help.

Slap on the sunscreen – and watch out for bald heads and other vulnerable spots!

In 2015 a heatwave in France shockingly killed nearly 15000 people mostly the old.  Look after the elderly.  As we age we slowly lose our ability to detect and respond to temperature changes.

If it’s all too much check out the weather forecast and head to the cooler parts of the UK !


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