Initially I had 10 mums booked onto my first course since becoming a fully-fledged Infant Massage instructor. Gradually people pulled out until I finally had 5 mums booked onto the course. I was nervous but as the weeks have gone by I have grown in confidence and I am relaxing into my stride. The mums have looked forward to coming each week and I have grown rather protective of them as I see them each week in this beautiful dance which is baby massage, bonding and interacting with their babies. The mums have become very close too and I can see that long lasting friendships are developing. They are incredibly supportive of each other. On week 1 I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house as mums shared their experiences of the long awaited arrival of their precious ones.

Here is one parents comment from week 4 and I just felt I had to capture this, it’s timeless and so precious……

“Last week we did a massage in class for the first time (…….. fed the first two sessions) I felt more confident to do baby massage as part of my bedtime routine. The first time we did a bedtime massage………… slept for 8 hours. ………….now loves a massage every night and recognises the signals. She smiles and laughs when I put my hands on her chest and say “relax”. We have done a massage every night and ……………………… has slept at least 7 hours and 9 hours last night. Very happy chilled baby and mummy! I love doing the massage, …………………. doesn’t take her eyes off me, it’s great bonding.

On this week I was having a bit of a rough day but you know hearing this comment made it all worthwhile. What a privilege we have in being able to create this environment where carers and babies can have this precious time out an often busy schedule and enjoy their babies maybe for the first time!!!

Canev Clayton


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